A Leader in Floating Infrastructure Since 1996


Since its inception in 1996, Pross has carved a niche in developing and implementing floating infrastructure worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and adaptability, Pross has established itself as a pioneer in this sector, catering to diverse geographical and industry-specific demands.




Pross boasts a wide range of projects encompassing:


  • Data buoy systems for environmental monitoring and tsunami detection.
  • Sophisticated mooring buoy structures for the oil and gas industry and military applications.
  • Innovative floating beaconing projects aimed at enhancing maritime safety, including ice-resistant buoys and anti-intrusion masts.


Global Reach and Customization:


  • Pross has executed projects globally, including in Norway, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, France, South Korea, and more.
  • Their projects serve various purposes like scientific research, port management, and support for the mining industry.
  • Each project is uniquely tailored to meet local requirements, such as tsunami detection in Japan and scientific research in France.


Notable Projects:


  • Data Buoy Projects Since 2016: Spanning across countries like Norway, Japan, and Cameroon for applications in scientific research, tsunami detection, and port security.


  • Mooring Buoy Projects Since 1996: Featuring AMR series products in countries like France, Qatar, and Morocco. These projects demonstrate Pross's versatility in sectors like port authorities, oil and gas, and civil engineering.


  • Floating Beaconing Projects Since 1996: Encompassing 25 countries, these projects showcase Pross's innovative solutions in maritime safety and beaconing, including projects in Togo, the Netherlands, and France.


Innovation and Environmental Adaptability: Pross integrates technology and environmental adaptability in their solutions, such as polyethylene buoys in Japan and comprehensive markup redesigns in Poland.


Pross's journey since 1996 reflects its profound expertise and innovative approach in delivering specialized maritime infrastructure. Their ability to customize solutions to local conditions and the diverse range of projects across the globe underscore their position as a leader in the floating infrastructure sector.

This model ensures the long-term viability and positive environmental impact of their projects.


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